What is GatePass?
GatePass is a Sign In method for member-sites.
What does "member-sites" mean?
Member-sites are websites that opted to use the GatePass member-authentication protocol.
What does "single sign-in method across member-sites" mean?
This means that among the member-sites, you just need to remember a single email address and a single password. This also means, that if you are a member of a hundred sites that are GatePass member-sites, you only need to remember one email address and one password for all of them.
Do you share email addresses and/or passwords with the member sites?
GatePass values privacy greatly. With this, GatePass won't ever share your email address and/or password. Not even with member sites. This is what "email-address privacy" and "password privacy" mean.
What about with your advertisers?
Not even. GatePass even uses GatePass for member-authentication. We can't afford to share the email address and password of our main man. This simply means, all your email addresses and/or passwords remain with GatePass. And stranger still, specifically, only pages found at

have access to your email address and your password. Everywhere else, we use a lots and lots of random numbers and letters to identify you (which we throw away once you Sign Out or close your browser).

Reminder: to be safe and to protect your GatePass account, only enter your email address and password when the webpage address begins with:
How secure, then, is Gatepass?
Nothing is secure in the Internet. The only way to secure anything 100% is by pulling the plug. But with that thought, we have done our best to protect the data in our databases which you have given -- and that includes your email address and password.
So how about if I forgot my password? Can I ask GatePass to tell me what my forgotten password was?
GatePass simply does not have your password. During registration or when you change your password, your password goes through a series of codes that will hash it. Then we store that hash. We simply won't be able to know what was your actual password (because hashing is a one-way street). This is one way of protecting your account. So if someone hacks into our system, which we hope not, and if they are able to find all the hashes in our database, those hashes will not be useable.

What you need to do if you have forgotten your password is to request GatePass to send you an email which will give you a link to a page where you can enter your new password. Even that link will only work for a limited time.
So you won't share my email address and password. What about my name?
As for your name, the member-sites would need to know what your name is. You wouldn't find it funny if a member-site would start calling you as ID number 1234567 instead of your name, would you?
I have some more questions.
If you have more questions, drop us a note at We will try to answer you as soon as we can. And if your question happens to be something that many are also asking, we will post your question here and post our answer here, too.
Here's some more information.
GatePass is a project in constant development. Actually, GatePass is in its second incarnation. It has existed before but we thought of doing everything all over again, from scratch, so we could be more secure and serve you better.